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In a recent edition of the "Daily Halacha" video series, Mora D'Asra Rabbi Yosef...
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The office of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has released 2-minute video...
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In a scene reminiscent of recent anti-Semitic violence in Europe, a group of about 100 pro-Arab protesters...
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With every passing day, the Chabad Mitzvah Tanks in Israel continue to strengthen their activities with...
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Fomer New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg flew to Israel on El Al (currently the only...
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Why the Round Menorah?

In 1982 the Rebbe stated that the round Menorah is NOT the real shape of the original Menorah * Furthermore, round branched Menorahs represent the dominance of Golus over Jews * So why the round Menorah?

Oholei Torah Annual Dinner Celebration
This past Sunday evening, over 700 guests gathered to pay tribute to Educational Institute Oholei Torah, and the evenings honorees. As the guests entered the spacious halls they were greeted by Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, Executive Director, and Rabbi Sholom Rosenfeld, Director ● Full Story, Pictures
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The Rebbe During Megillah Reading ● Video
Discover the Rebbe's customs during the Megillah reading. From the way to "klapp" Haman, to the design of the Rebbe's Megillah, and even when the Rebbe begins to roll the Megillah ● Video
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Mesivta Bochurim Spend Shabbos By Shluchim
High school boys from Lubavitch Mesivta in Staten Island held a Shabbaton at Bris Avrohom/Cong. Shomrei Torah Ohel Yosef Yitzchak ● They were commemorating the day, the 9th of Adar in 1940, when the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe came to America. The theme of the Shabbaton was learning about outreach work ● Local Shliach Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky, Executive Director of Bris Avrohom, spoke to the boys and helped them understand the role he plays in his outreach efforts ● Pictures
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Megillah Reading For Women And Children
Wednesday night, Purim evening 8:00, 10:00 11:00 p.m.

Thursday, Purim day Starting 11:00 a.m. EVERY HOUR, ON THE HOUR (last reading 5:00 p.m.)

Cong. Agudath Yisroel: 456 Crown St. (Between Kingston & Brooklyn Ave.)
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Picture Of The Day
The Shluchim in the Chabad House of New Delhi, India were busy preparing for the Purim activities, when an Israeli tourist walked in looking to put on Tefillin. Another tourist who is a regular at the Chabad House helped him don the Tefillin...
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This Purim, Spend Wisely
Do you know the Halachos of Matonos L'evyonim: Who is obligated? To whom should it be given? When should it be given? How much? ● Instead of wasting money, spend it wisely this Purim ● The Rambam writes that one should increase in giving Matonos L’Evyonim, rather than spending on Seudas Purim and Mishloach Manos; since there is no greater Simcha by Hashem, than to make the poor happy ● Read More
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Australian PM And Minister Write To Chabad
Chabad of Melbourne's CBD, directed by Shliach Rabbi Chaim Herzog, is gearing up for the annual Purim luncheon, which attracts parliament members, dignitaries and businessmen ● The Prime Minister of Australia, Ms Julia Gillard sent a message to the participants, highlighting the importance of the event ● Minister of Parliament Simon Crean, representing regional Australia, mentioned his high esteem for Chabad of CBD and the great work it does ● The Letters
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New Center For 35,000 Jews In Long Island
A new Jewish center planned for Stony Brook is just about halfway through the fundraising process and its administration hopes to break ground on the project this summer ● Rabbi Chaim Grossbaum said in an interview Sunday that Chabad of Stony Brook os a membership-free organization open to the entire Jewish community, which he said includes 35,000 Jewish Long Islanders. The new facility is "a tool to service the community," Grossbaum said ● Full Story
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Shushan Comes To Crown Heights
Children from Lubavitcher Yeshiva of Crown Street renacted the Purim Story, dressed in costumes and riding horses ● Pictures
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Siyum Harambam In Brunoy
The hall of Yeshivas Tomchei T'mimim Lubavitch of Brunoy hosted a grand celebration of unity in Torah, with Rabbis from the Parisian region joining Yeshiva Bochurim for a Siyum Harambam ● Photo Gallery
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Can I Lock My Dog Inside My Home?

Renowned Rabbinic authority, Levi Wineberg from Johannesburg, presents here for the first time a synthesis between Halacha and Chassidus. This class explores part one of the laws of trapping an animal on Shabbos. Can I cover my garbage can if there may be a fly inside? Can I close the door of my home if my dog is inside? ● Every Sunday evening he presents a new Halacha class on TheYeshiva and on In these classes, you will discover practical Halacha, plus get a dosage of spiritual inspiration ● Tonight he explores the first class of the prohibition known as Tzad—trapping animals on Shabbos. You will discover the underlying principles of this Melacha, and you will also discover the fascinating parallels to these laws in Chassidus ● The classes are also available in MP3 and MP4. And they come with a PDF curriculum
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Thousands At International Siyum Harambam
The 30th "Worldwide Siyum of the RaMBaM," as the Rebbe entitled it, was held with great success in the Rebbe’s neighborhood of Crown Heights last Thursday evening, the 7th of Adar (March 1) – the very first opportunity for holding the Siyum. The thousands of participants were live testimony to the fact that although this was the 30th annual Siyum, it continues to grow from year to year, showing the continued influence of the Rebbe, the initiator of the worldwide study, who continues to minister to his flock, the Jewish people ● Full Story, Photo Gallery
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New Location, New Torah And A Melave Malka
On Motzoei Shabbos Parshas Terumah, members of the upper-class NDG neighborhood in Montreal, Canada gathered to participate in the grand opening ceremony of the new location for the thriving Chabad House, directed by the Shliach Rabbi Yisroel Bernath ● The event began with a Havdalah ceremony, completing a Sefer Torah, and eating a Melave Malka ● Menachem Serraf presents a Photo Gallery
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Picture Of The Day
Chabad Shliach to Moscow and Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, was photographed fulfilling his duty as a Russian citizen and voting ● He has previously claimed that the Jewish vote will probably go to the winner Vladimir Putin ● "The fact that a person has an opportunity to vote is one of the biggest gains of democracy in Russia. I hope that everyone will now take the right decision - a decision that will help him be confident in the future" Rabbi Lazar was heard saying to a reporter ● More Pictures
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Bochurim Discover Dangers Of Alcohol
Bochurim from Yeshivas Lubavitch of Cincinnati, Ohio, directed by the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, heard an inspiring lecture by community activist Mr. Shmuel Plotsker who presented a thought provoking video on the dangers of alcohol consumption specifically in the yeshiva world. Entitled “LeChaim," it profiles three young men, how their involvement with alcohol, starting with a few innocent leChaims, led tragically to addiction, permanent paralysis and death ● Full Story, Pictures
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French Farbrengen For Siyum Harambam
In honor of the Siyum Harambam, French-speaking Bochurim were treated to a Farbrengen on Motzoei Shabbos in 770, with Rabbi Michael Dahan from Montreal, and Rabbi Menachem Altabe from Nice, France ● Pictures
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Hebrew-Speaking Women Learn And Eat
Hebrew-Speaking N'shei Chabad of Crown Heights surprised the locals with a beautiful evening of culinary excellence and Purim inspirations ● Participants listened to Chinuch tips from renowned educator Rabbi Dr. Dovid Sholom Pape, editor of "The Moshiach Times," while eating falafel made by an Israeli chef, in a replica of a corner falafel stand. This was followed by an advice session given by local stylist Esty Prus Pictures
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Nichum Aveilim By The Nadvorna Rebbe
Kfar Chabad's Chief Rabbi Mordechai Ashkenazi, along with Rabbi Gavriel Gordon, Chabad Shliach in Kiev, visited the sons of the late Nadvorna Rebbe OBM, for Nichum Aveilim ● The late Nadvorna Rebbe was actively involved in the Chabad activities in Kiev helping in every way possible and even convincing Rabbi Gordon to go on Shlichus ● Pictures
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Siyum Harambam In Strassbourg
Strassbourg, a French city renowned for its Torah instutions and Rabbinical authorities, held a grand Siyum Harambam with the participation of the local Rabbonim, Shluchim, Anash and Mekurovim ● Pictures
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Oholei Torah Dinner Video
At the annual Oholei Torah dinner, which took place last night, a video was shown depicting the happiness and excitement which accompanies the children and staff at the great school ● Enjoy!
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Kicked Out Of Yeshiva For Learning Chassidus
In the days between Shabbos Zachor and Purim, the two times we read about Amalek and his senseless hate towards spirituality, we are reminded of the constant threat from the spiritual Amalek within the Jewish people ● reports that three "prestigious" Litvishe Yeshivas in Israel expelled Bochurim for studying Chassidus ● The Rosh Yeshiva told one of the Bochurim "It is better to go to the missionaries, than to go learn by Chabad." Full Story
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Illinois Campus Completes First Torah
“Not only is it dedicated to (the University), it started here, (it was) completed here, and it will stay on this campus for hundreds of years to come,” said Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel, executive director of Chabad of the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL. “In every community, you need a Torah scroll because it represents the unity of the people. Our campus had one on loan, we never had one that was started for us, and by us” ● Full Story
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Behind The Scenes, But On The Front Lines
L’chaim! May we all join forces to combat Amalek, beginning with the one contained within each of us, and through that, obliterate the evil in the world, and may this Purim be overshadowed by the greater Geula with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu Teikef U’miyad Mamash! ● Rabbi Akiva Wagner, Rosh Yeshivas Lubavitch of Toronto Farbrengs on email ● Full Story
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The Western Wall Arrives In Crown Heights
It might sound like an April fools’ day prank, but this April 1 you can go visit the Western Wall in Brooklyn. No joke ● The Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn showcased a new exhibition to dignitaries and press on Thursday featuring an elaborately detailed replica of the iconic site standing 12 feet tall and 24 feet wide ● Full Story, Pictures
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Netanyahu's Entourage Prays With Chabad
The religious obligation to hear Parshas Zachor last Shabbat provided a bit of a dilemma for the religiously observant advisers in Netanyahu’s entourage staying in a hotel in downtown Ottawa – new chief of staff Gil Sheffer, National Security Council head Yaakov Amidror, and senior adviser Ron Dermer. The Prime Minister’s Office found the solution by doing what thousands of other Jewish travelers do when they find themselves abroad and in need of something Jewish: call Chabad ● And Chabad delivered ● Full Story
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New Torah Honors Floridian Jews
1,000 people from all walks of life packed the Rashbi Synagogue in Sunrise, Florida to participate in the completion of a New Sefer Torah, written in honor of Floridian Jews ● The Chabad Shliach and Shul Rabbi Daniel Shahino, started the Torah last year Lag B'omer ● After the last letters were written, a dancing procesion lead the Torah to it's permanent residence - the Rashbi Synagogue ● Photo Gallery
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What is The Meaning of Kaddish? ● Video
Kol Menachem is happy to present the third class of "The Journey of Shabbos." In this week's class Rabbi Chaim Miller discusses why we say the Kaddish prayer in a foreign language. Also, what is the mystical meaning of Kabbalat shabbat? These classes are based on the new "Lifestyle" Friday Night Prayer Companion that was recently released ● Video
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Completed In 770, Heading To Baltimore
As reported on, Last week Sunday, 770 was the scene of the Siyum Sefer Torah, written in memory of Mrs. Chaya Gitchell, and donated to the renovated Tzemach Tzedek Shul in Baltimore, directed by the Shliach Rabbi Mendy Gafni ● Full Story and a Photo Gallery by photographer Menachem WilliamsMore
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I Am Disappointed With The Lubavitcher Rebbe
“I am disappointed with the Lubavitcher Rebbe,” said the taxi driver on the way from Boro Park to 770. He drove quickly at my request, since I wanted to daven Mincha with the Rebbe at 3:15. En route, I had asked the Israeli driver whether he had ever visited the Rebbe, and this was his response. I was taken aback ● Courtesy of Beis Moshiach Magazine ● Rebbe Story
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A Chabad Chaplain And A Speeding Rebbe
A sick child at Childrens Hospital in Cincinnati had one wish, have a yichidus (private audience) with the Spinka Rebbe of Williamsburg NY. Arrangements were made and the Spinka Rebbe was on a flight to Cincinnati. The problem was that his plane landed at the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport at 6:15 PM and his return flight left at 8:30 PM. The drive from the airport is approximately 30 minutes and the possibility of running into traffic was great due to the fact that this was the tail end of rush hour ● That's when Chabad Rabbi Mendy Kalmanson, Chaplain to the Cincinnati Police Department was called to help ● Full Story
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Mazel Tov to Mendel & Devorah Leah (nee Weingarten) Stein Southfield, MI, on the birth of their firstborn daughter!

Mazal Tov to Yossi & Rivka (nee Levin) Roth, Los Angeles, CA, on the birth of a Baby boy!    (1 wishes)

Mazal Tov to Shmuly Shneur, Montreal, Canada to Leba Chanowitz, Monticello, NY on their engagement!

Mazal Tov to Brendan Rothschild (Melbourne, Australia) and Freda Werdiger (Melbourne, Australia) on their engagement!

Mazel Tov to Shui & Mimi Lewis, Crown Heights, on the birth of a daughter!

Mazel Tov to Zvi & Chaya'le Hershcovich, Montreal, Canada, on the birth of a daughter!

Mazel Tov to Michoel & Sheina Rosenthal, Marseille, France, on the birth of their firstborn daughter!   (1 wishes)

Mazel Tov to Ari & Yehudis Cattan, Boca Raton, FL, on the birth of a son!

Mazal Tov to Ariel Mangami (Rechovot, Israel) and Shternie Cohen (Monsey, NY) on their engagement!

Mazal Tov to Ariel and Ilana Steinherz, Crown Heights, on the birth of a baby girl!

Mazel Tov to Meyer Simcha & Chani Abramowitz, New Haven, CT, on the birth of a son!

Mazel Tov to Moshe & Nechama Dina Leeds, Gilbert AZ, on the birth of a son!

Mazal Tov to Itzik and Chanie (Avtzon) Wolf from CH, on the birth of their firstborn baby boy!

Mazal Tov to Rafi Mogilevsky, Toronto, Cananda to Yonit Raphaely, South Africa!   (1 wishes)

Mazal Tov to Shimon and Sara (nee Nelson) Shain, S. Diego, CA, on the birth of a baby boy!

Mazel Tov to Yossi & Rivkie Horowitz, Crown Heights, on the birth of a son

Mazel Tov to Benny & Taphara Goldstock, Crown Heights, on the birth of a son!

Mazal Tov to Avremi Orimland, Tzfas, Israel and Rochie Chayo, Crown Heights upon their engagement!